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Product Description

The Solaris SP21HB is powerful, pollution-free, and nearly maintenance-free. Combining strength and innovation, the Solaris lawn mower has an extra-wide 21" rotary mower that cuts the average yard in one charge. Unlike other cordless battery powered mowers, the SP21HB is self propelled which makes it ideal for rough, hilly, or dense terrain thanks to its high-performance motor and extra-large wheels.

Solaris SP21HB Features

Solaris SP21HB features include a self-propelled option for easy handling, even on hilly, sloping lawns.
Solaris Lawn Mower Solar Panel

Accessories include an optional solar panel (not included).
Solaris Lawn Mower Motor

The Solaris Lawn Mower benefits fro a Terra Phase High-Performance Motor which provides enough power to efortlessly cut long, thick, or even wet grass.
Solaris Cordless Lawn Mower

The quiet, zero-emission design of the Solaris cordless lawn mower is advantageous for you, your neighbors, and the environment.See More.
Solaris SP21H Is Eco Friendly

The cordless Solaris SP21HB requires no gas, oil, or cords, cutting maintenance to a happy minimum.See More.

Self-Propelled Front-Wheel Drive Means Easy Maneuvering

If you are seeking the low-maintenance, zero-emission benefits of a cordless mower but don't want to forgo power and mobility, the Solaris lawn mower is the answer. A combination of strength and innovation, the Solaris SP21HB offers the option of powerful, self-propelled front-wheel drive. The extra-large wheels provide an excellent source of traction, which comes in especially handy on rough or uneven terrain.

Hassle-Free, Emission-Free, and Extra Quiet

With the Solaris SP21HB it's simple: just push and go. This cutting-edge lawn mower requires no messy engine maintenance and absolutely no gas, oil, or electical cords. So when you decide it's time to mow, you can simply get right to work without wasting valuable time on upkeep. The hassle-free design also means you can store the mower (even upside down or hanging on the wall) without worrying about typical spills associated with traditional gas mowers.

To save you time, the Solaris mower also boasts a three-in-one capacity to mow using the side discharge, mulch, or bag. Its handy mulching ability eliminates the need for an additional mulching device. The side-discharge and bag components on the deck allow for efficient waste collection, and the wide 21-inch cut capability speeds up the mowing process.

Producing zero emissions and no greenhouse gases, this mower is perfect for anyone who is looking for an easy way to help protect the environment. And if you are someone who wants to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible, you can even choose to recharge the Solaris with an optional solar panel (sold separately), which makes mowing your lawn absolutely carbon neutral. Plus, the quiet motor helps make lawn maintenance more relaxing while reducing noise pollution in your neighborhood.

High-Performance Motor Cuts Long or Wet Grass

The superb Terra Phase High-Performance Motor has a brushless, electric construction, which increases the mower's run-times for maximum efficiency and gives the mower the torque to cut through long, thick, or wet grass. this state of the art technology and a durable solid steel deck keeps the Solaris performing and looking like new for the long term.

Powerful Batteries Let You Tackle Your Lawn in One Charge

An average lot (7,000 to 10,000 square feet) can be cut in just one charge of the Solaris' highly efficient batteries. The included batteries only take 12 hours to charge, or they can be charged in four to five hours with the Rapid Charger Station sold separately. Charging can be done on board the mower with the built-in charging plug, or you can remove the batteries and recharge them using the included off-board charging cradle. Also, a built-in LED battery level indicator on the mower keeps you in-the-know about your battery power levels.

What's in the Box

Solaris SP21HB 21-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Bag/Mulch/Side Discharge Lawn Mower, two batteries, charger, off board charging cradle, and manual.

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